Student of the Month

We want to congratulate your child on achieving the Student of the Month award.  We take great pride in recognizing our most OUTSTANDING STUDENTS.  All students at S.I.S. are outstanding, but we are constantly looking for opportunities to give positive recognition to our most outstanding students.

Each homeroom teacher has the opportunity to select one student each month for special recognition.  Each teacher will also determine his or her own criterion for this selection.  
Congratulations to all our Students' of the Month!
 Grade 3
 Sept. Oct.    Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May
Wendy Bryan

Denise Buckner
Staci Clabo

Kim Clark

Suzanne Cronin
 Kristin Hodges 
 James Lanagan

 Jessica Marlow
 Tammy Miniard 

Kim Springer
Jeanette Stinnett
Jessica Valentine

 4th Grade
 Richard Carter
  Jerry Cox
Chelsea Davis

Bobby Gaddis
Rhonda Gossett

Dericka Grosser

Marla King .        
Doris Richmond
Brooke Sampson

Lindsey Shanton

 5th Grade
 Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May
Eric Allen        

Teresa Gideon


Melanie Henry

Jeremy Hurst

Samantha Moore 

Michelle Moseley


Milinda Ramsey


Jessica Roberts
Kristen Rohrer
Jennifer Jeffers

Robin Barnes